a novel by Wendy Glassby set in Brisbane, Australia and Rabaul, Papua New Guinea


ISBN: 9780648834106 Format: Trade Paperback Pages: 288

Contemporary fiction, general and literary fiction, historical fiction, cultural heritage fiction, diversity fiction

A novel by Wendy Glassby
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1975. The new nation of Papua New Guinea (PNG) is moving away from a colonial history and as this infant state redefines itself, non-indigenous residents such as the culturally-diverse Seeto family must choose between citizenships in either Australia or Papua New Guinea. For Maria and Henry Seeto, this is heart-wrenching. Members of their family have lived in the regional capital of Rabaul since the late 1800s, when their grandmother left an Indonesian island to settle there, and in the 1930s when their father came from China. Maria’s husband sees migrating to Australia the safer choice for his family, while Henry stays in PNG.

2010. A phone call from PNG breaks Maria’s 66 year-long estrangement with Henry and encourages her to return to her homeland. After only weeks with Henry, her health fails. As she waits to die, Maria contemplates her losses and the cost of her mistakes.

BETWEEN is set in Australia and Papua New Guinea. It’s a multi-generational novel of love, loss, oppression, separation, and the shaping of identity. By eavesdropping on individual family members’ perspectives, this novel patches together the manner in which the traumatic and heartbreaking experiences of two separated siblings, caught in moments of Papua New Guinea history, impact on following generations.

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