From the author of ‘Between’

Passionate about writing, reading, books and films – in fact, for every means available to examine and attempt to understand what it means to be human especially relationships with each other. As my favorite author Richard Flanagan has said, stories tell us we are not alone.

Hi there, my name is Wendy Glassby. I am the author of ‘Between’

Let’s get one indisputable fact out in the open: I am no a spring chicken but some things do need time to marinate.

I have been writing short stories since I was young but, as happens, family’s needs come first, like earning money, and before I knew it, it was the late nineties and I was retiring from my office career. At last I had the time to attend to those many stories, written for my eyes only, filed away in brightly-coloured folders. I sent three out into the world and when they were published, I figured it was time for me to do that which life and circumstances had kept me from doing.

Beyond Retirement (since late ‘nineties)

Undergrade degree with first class homours

followed by a PhD

finished the book ‘Between’ about the Seeto family of Rabaul

finished another book, about the journey of a former long distance runner who finds herself in ain aged care facility after a running accident.

presented papers at conference

published academic papers

designed my own website

received writing awards from Varuna, the National Writing House NSW

Briefly, my life

A country girl
I was born and raised in rural New South Wales until I was fourteen.

The moment my life changed
In October 1959 my father changed jobs. Within weeks our family of eight were transported via various aircraft to the island of New Britain in what everyone called “New Guinea”, or ‘The Territories”, to our new home in Rabaul.

In this town, amid a population vastly different to the one we’d left behind in NSW, I completed my schooling, began my office career, and met and married my husband. I left a part of myself in that cosmopolitan town, and I have carried tthose impressions throughout my life.

The years after
So-called ‘normal’ life: children, shifts from Sydney to Perth, carrying on my career and finally so-called retirement after which an opportunity to explore my passion to write and to extend my education.