Payments and deliveries

Thank you for choosing to buy one of our books.

Let’s make the buying easy.

FAQ Do customers need a PayPal account to purchase LEP publications? Answer: NO.

Customers can make payments three ways.

  1. By making a Direct transfer from their own bank account to Lily Ellen Publishing’s bank account.
  • 2. By using an existing PayPal account or creating a new one and authorising their preferred method of payment.
  • 3. For anyone who does not have a PayPal account and does not wish to create one, you can pay by using your debit or credit cards, see below.

Non-PayPal account holders, wanting to pay by debit or credit card, need to click the ‘Pay by PayPal’ link, and on the PayPal payment page click on the ‘pay with a debit or credit card’ link. NOTE: If you follow this method but already have a PayPal account linked to the debit or credit card, PayPal will require you to login to PayPal.

Payment confirmed? Your book/s will be soon on its/their way.

eBooks will be sent to your email address

Print books will be despatched via Australia Post. Delivery within Australia Postage is $10.

For deliveries outside of Australia, please email us for a quote first.